Sierra / Escort Cosworth Rose Jointed Bump Steer Correction Kit

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Ford Sierra / Escort Cosworth 2wd and 4wd Bump Steer Correction Kit


This kit replaces your standard factory fitted track rod ends for heavy duty rose jointed items, this has been done many times before but usually requires you to drill the standard taper out of the hub for you to fit the bolt, this kit eliminates that, the pin provided has the correct taper for the hub, and the rose joint attaches to the other end.


Not only does the kit give a more precise and direct steering feel due to the rose joints, but a shim is also included to correct the bump steer, when lowering a car it changes the angle of the tie rods, this can give strange characteristics during cornering as the suspension compresses as it will give excessive toe in or toe out depending on the angle of the arms, this kit lowers the steering arm down to overcome this problem and keep the steering arms level.


The threaded adapter is the correct thread to screw directly onto a standard Cosworth steering rack.


Any questions please ask, and check out our other items for a full range of replacement and aftermarket Ford parts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review